NOVALTUS Advanced Investment System

Higher returns and lower volatility through technological innovation

Performance & Online Portfolio Analysis


Asset Management

Our company philosophy is centered around patience.

Decades of experience in banking taught us that emotions are never a good guide in the world of finance.

Our strategy is based on research and analysis of:

  • fundamental and quantitative values of various asset classes,
  • the quality of funds, stocks and bonds,
  • the development of currency exchange rates,
  • macro-economic developments,
  • world politics,
  • regulatory changes.

The combination of classic analysis and algorithmic models makes NOVALTUS AG a unique asset management company.

Together we design the asset allocation and strategy best suited to your personal needs. NOVALTUS takes care of the investment decisions and implements them.

We would be pleased to take the opportunity to analyze your needs and expectations during a personal meeting with you – free of charge and without obligations.


NOVALTUS AG utilizes various in-house developed software tools to analyze and design various quantitative investment strategies.

This software helps us test new ideas and create modern and stable portfolio strategies.

Performance & Online Portfolio Analysis

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In the 1960’s we were part of a foreign bank in Switzerland and we grew to its core team over the upcoming four decades.

In 2007 it was time for a change. With over 190 years of combined experience in banking we decided to focus not only on our core business, but also to cover other needs of our customers in a comprehensive way.


Gian Carlo Staehelin
  • Co-Founder, Honorary President
  • Advisor
Giovanni Battelli
  • Co-Founder, Chairman of the board of directors
Karl Knüsel
  • Co-Founder, Vice Chairman of the board of directors
  • Relationship Management
Leonardo Todaro
  • Co-Founder
  • Portfolio Management, Research
Yoshimi Takano
  • Research, Development
  • IT and Project Management
Enrico Silingardi
  • Relationship Management
  • Portfolio Management, Research


From left to right: Leonardo Todaro, Yoshimi Takano, Enrico Silingardi, Karl Knüsel, Giovanni Battelli


Löwenstrasse 69
8001 Zurich

Tel. +41 44 885 77 77
Fax +41 44 885 77 76


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NOVALTUS AG is regulated by SRO PolyReg and subjected to the Code of Professional Conduct PolyAsset.

The external auditor is Fides Experta AG in Zurich.